Clara Humble & and the Not-So-Super-Powers
Written by Anna Humphrey, illustrated by Lisa Cinar
Owl Books , 2016

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Over 70 b&w spot illustrations including mini-comics (see comics section for samples) & full colour cover illustration.

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Clara Humble and the Not-So-Super Powers has been selected by the Ontario Library Association as one of their top ten Best Bets for Junior Fiction. It'll get to wear a sticker and everything! :))


"A good antidote to the feeling most kids (and adults!) will find familiar: that the world is out of their control... A promising beginning to a new series about a spirited character who is discovering her real strengths."
—Kirkus Reviews

"Author Anna Humphrey has done a wonderful job of telling a story that many children will be able to identify with: things happen that we have no control over and we need to learn how to cope. This book is sprinkled with adorable illustrations that depict Clara's comic strip and how she sees the world around her. This book will help students know they are not alone in how they feel and what they are dealing with. Recommended."
—School Library Connection

"Ramona Quimby meets Timmy Failure."
— Lindsey Ferrante, Collection Development, Baker & Taylor

"Some Things I Loved:Clara's fun drawings (channeled via Lisa Cinar) are a great enhancement to the story, and it was fun as well as enlightening to follow the adventures of caped superhero @Cat, whose own stories often parallel what's happening to Clara in real life."
— Debbie Ridpaht Ohi

“Spunky Clara Humble and her clever cartoon drawings about her feline heroine @Cat are bound to delight kids who love a school story filled with mischief, mystery and real-life problems. Kids who have graduated from the Just Grace series and are looking for more will love following Clara’s misadventures as she battles her nemesis, Bossy Becky, and deals with all kinds of challenges in her life. Can’t wait for book two!”
— Phyllis Simon, Vancouver Kidsbooks